NWTN Boost Your Communications Day

Every year the North-West Translator’s Network organises workshops on how to improve translation / interpreting, whether it is promotion, communication, etc. This year at the beginning of Feb we had another one of these excellent workshops entitled “Boost your communication’s day”. Once again the room was full of translators and interpreters eager to glean some useful tips from the speakers.

Heidi Kerschl: Effective Communication By E-mail and Telephone
Heidi Kerschl, the NWTN Training Coordinator and a veteran German translator started the proceedings with an eye catching presentation on “Effective Communication by e-mail and telephone”. Heidi started out by giving us some very practical tips on how to do active marketing. We are in the business of words, there is a lot of competition out there so we want to position ourselves to be more visible to our clients, so that they will actually choose to come to us, and not to somebody else. We want to be client focused, not just thinking of things from our own perspective. She also spoke about how we should check out the prospective companies we would like to work with and how we should then target these companies and not just send hundreds of blank emails that will simply get deleted! One great tip from Heidi is, “be a purple cow”, there are lots of translators and interpreters out there but we need to be perceived as we truly are unique!

Valeria Aliperta: What’s in a name – Branding and Effective Marketing
The next speaker, Valeria Aliperta delivered an thought provoking presentation on the importance of having your own brand. Valeria is an Italian translator and interpreter who spoke about her own experience of starting her own business and setting up her own brand. We freelance translators and interpreters don’t always see the importance of promoting ourselves as a brand simply because we don’t think of ourselves as such. After all we are sitting on our own in our little offices working away every day, right? Wrong! Valeria developed this thought very well showing how important it is to position ourselves in the market through social media and general online presence, showing how choosing a name with a logotype will help us to a great extent in creating our brand.
Katarzyna Slobodzian-Taylor: The Do’s and Don’ts of social media marketing
Katarzyna working from English and Dutch into Polish. Katarzyna gave us an excellent presentation about the different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and how you can use them to promote yourself. She spoke about how each platform works, their features, how you can use them and about the Do’s and Don’ts of social media marketing, i.e. how our presence should be consistent on all platforms.

Vernon Blackmore: Optimise Your Web Presence
Our last speaker was Vernon Blackmore. Vernon is an academic supervisor and lecturer specialised in e-business. He spoke about how to create an effective web presence and to get the most out of your website as well as the importance to put ourselves in the mind of potential clients and think about what they are looking for. He focused on LinkedIn and emphasized the importance of adding regular content to our profiles, adding key words and changing it frequently.
Half way through the day we had an very tasty lunch to recharge our batteries and at the end of the day we had an open question and answer session where we had the opportunity to speak to any of the speakers.

So over all it was another great workshop, we all went away with many practical and very useful points to implement, many thanks to NWTN for all the hard work that went into this workshop and we truly look forward to the next one!